Promotion Samples:

1) 5 (HER2 3+) Heterogeneous

2) HE Slides  - Prostate Cancer and Cholangio Carcinoma slides

3) Unstained Prostate Cancer slides

4) 11 Non small cell Lung Cancer ALK Neg

5) 2 ALK 21 - ALK Pos samples

6) 14 TURP blocks Prostate 

7) 8 Glioblastoma blocks Brain

Biofluids: Ascites, Pleural Effusion, Synovial Fluid, Urine * Bone Marrow, Cord Blood * Blood: Serum, Plasma and PBMC * Diseased and normal adjacent tissue * FFPE- Formalin fixed, paraffin tumor embedded tissues of various pathologies * Normal skin tissue * Placenta tissue * Surgical tissue * Tissue Microarrays (TMA)


Focus of Oncology Collection:

adenocarcinoma,   bladder cancer,   brain tumor,   mammary cancer,   cervical cancer,   colon cancer,   colorectal Cancer,   endometrial cancer,   esophageal carcinoma,   gastro-intestinal (stomach) cancer,   head and neck cancer,   Hodgkin's lymphoma,   Kaposi's sarcoma,   clear-cell carcinoma,   leukemia,   lung Cancer,   lymphoma,   melanoma,   mesothelioma,   metastatic cancer,   neoplasia,   sympathicoblastoma,   Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma,  ovarian cancer,   pancreatic cancer,   prostate cancer,   sarcoma,   skin cancer,   testicular cancer,   thyroid cancer