Promotion Samples:

​1) 5 (HER2 3+) Heterogeneous

2) HE Slides  - Prostate Cancer and Cholangio Carcinoma slides

3) Unstained Prostate Cancer slides

4) 11 Non small cell Lung Cancer ALK Neg

5) 2 ALK 21 - ALK Pos samples

6) 14 TURP blocks Prostate 

7) 8 Glioblastoma blocks Brain

LCA/CD 45, Leum 1/CD15, MAC 387, Mammaglobin, Melan-A, MG1, Mic 2/CD 99, MLH-1, MLH-2, MLH-6, Myeloperoxidase, NSE, p-120, P16, P34, P504S, P53, P57, P63, Pax 5, Pax8, PIN4, PLAP, PMS-2, PR, PSA, PSAP, Qbend, RCC, S100, SMMS, Synaptophysin, TdT, Thyroglobin, TTF-1, Tyrosinase, UCHL-1, Vimentin, WT1, A-ACT, AAT, ACTH, Actin, Adenovirus, ALK-1, Amyloid A, Annexin-1, Arginase-1, Beta Catenin, BF-1, BOB-1, CA 15.3, Carbonic Anhydrase, CD 1a, CD2, CD4, CD7, CD8, CD25, CD33, CD35, CD44, CD57, CD61, CD 79a, CD123, CD163, CK 8, CK 8/18, CK 14, CK 17, c-MET, Collagen IV, COX-2, DOG-1, EBV/LMP-1, EGFR, Epcam/Mac 31, Factor VIIIra, Fascin, FLI-1, FSH, Gastrin, GATA-3, GH, Glucagon, GLUT-1, Glycophorin-A, Granzyme B, Glypican-3, HBcAg, HBcsAg, HCG, HCL, Hemoglobin A (Hgb), Hepatocyte, HHV8, HLA-DR, HPAP, HSV I, HSV II, IgG4, IgA, IgD, IgG, IgM, Insulin, Ksp-cadherin, LH, Laminin, Lewis Y, Mesothelin, MITF, Myoglobin, MUC1, MUC-2, MUC5AC, MUM-1, Muramidase, Myogenin, MUC6, Napsin A, NF, OCT 2., OCT 3/4., p21, Parvovirus B19, PD1, Perforin, PODXL-1, Prolactin, PSMA, PTEN, PTH, SALL4, SMM-HWC, Spirochete, Somatostatin, Surfactant, TCL-1, Thrombomodulin, TFE3, TIA-1, Toxoplasma, TRAP, Tryptase, TSH, Uroplakin, Villin, ZAP-70,

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Biofluids: Ascites, Pleural Effusion, Synovial Fluid, Urine * Bone Marrow, Cord Blood * Blood: Serum, Plasma and PBMC * Diseased and normal adjacent tissue * FFPE- Formalin fixed, paraffin tumor embedded tissues of various pathologies * Normal skin tissue * Placenta tissue * Surgical tissue * Tissue Microarrays (TMA)

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Digital Imaging, Annotated Specimens, Immunohistochemistry...

Ask for a quote...specimens can be annotated with surgical pathology reports, or clinical data and/or laboratory reports. 

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adenocarcinoma,   bladder cancer,   brain tumor,   mammary cancer,   cervical cancer,   colon cancer,   colorectal Cancer,   endometrial cancer,   esophageal carcinoma,   gastro-intestinal (stomach) cancer,   head and neck cancer,   Hodgkin's lymphoma,   Kaposi's sarcoma,   clear-cell carcinoma,   leukemia,   lung Cancer,   lymphoma,   melanoma,   mesothelioma,   metastatic cancer,   neoplasia,   sympathicoblastoma,   Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma,  ovarian cancer,   pancreatic cancer,   prostate cancer,   sarcoma,   skin cancer,   testicular cancer,   thyroid cancer